Step by step instructions to Block a Contact on WhatsApp

Figure out how to hinder an irritating contact on WhatsApp. 

In this post, we will tell you how to obstruct a contact on WhatsApp. Obstructing a contact on WhatsApp can for all time debilitate that contact to either call you or send messages on WhatsApp. When you unblock that get in touch with you can again continue getting calls and messages from that specific contact. So how about we perceive how to hinder a contact on WhatsApp.

If it’s not too much trouble Note: 

Messages, calls and notices sent by an obstructed won’t appear on your telephone and will never be conveyed to you.

Your Last observed on the web, announcements and any progressions made to your profile photograph will never again be unmistakable to contacts you’ve blocked.

Hindering a contact won’t expel them from your contacts list, nor will it expel you from the rundown on the contact’s telephone. To erase a get in touch with, you should erase the contact from your telephone’s location book.

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Open WhatsApp on your telephone and head to the “Settings” board.

square contact-android-3

Under the settings board click on “Record”.

square contact-android-4

In the record area, click on “Protection”.

square contact-android-5

In the Privacy settings, look down to discover “Informing” and snap on “Blocked Contacts”.

square contact-android-1

Under this head please click on the Add sign () on the upper right side. Presently select the reach you have to square and you are finished. WhatsApp will currently obstruct that contact totally to speak with you on this stage.

square contact-android-2

The get in touch with you are adding to this profile will not have the option to reach you through WhatsApp however she or she won’t be banished to call you or message you on different applications on your telephone.


To obstruct a contact:

In WhatsApp, tap Menu > Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked contacts.

Tap Add.

Quest for or select the get in touch with you need to square.

Here are several elective choices for hindering a contact:

Open a talk with the contact, at that point tap Menu > More > Block > BLOCK.

Open a talk with the contact, at that point tap the name of the contact > Block > BLOCK.

To obstruct an obscure telephone number:

In WhatsApp, open the visit with the obscure telephone number.


Tap BLOCK once more.

On the off chance that the message from the obscure telephone number is spam, you have the choice to tap REPORT AND BLOCK rather, which will report and square the number.

Allude to this page for more subtleties.

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Expectation you like the article. On the off chance that you feel to unblock any contact simply pursue similar advances, select a contact from the Blocklist and unblock them.

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