Smart people have fewer friends.

Ability to have many friends, not everyone’s property. There are people who are so easy to get along and hang out with many people, some enjoy loneliness more. As ages grow, friendship conditions also change frequently. In general, the number of friends around you is less than when you were a child or teenager.

A study published in the British Journal of Psychology can explain this phenomenon. This study says that people who are smarter will be better with fewer friends.

The principal investigator, Satoshi Kanazawa, and Norman Li, evolutionary psychologists in England, discovered that while many people increase their happiness by dealing with others (also with high levels of interaction with their loved ones), those with very high intelligence actually They feel happier when they don’t. meet friends.

The smartest people experience less satisfaction with life if they socialize more frequently with their friends, the study wrote.

In an article in The Washington Post, Carol Graham, a Brookings Institute researcher who studies the economics of happiness, says: This discovery suggests that people with high intelligence and the ability to use it are less likely to spend time socializing, because they are more focused on other long-term goals.

This certainly makes sense. Very intelligent people or even geniuses often have interesting new theories they want to prove, or new discoveries they make to change the world.

This makes them not want to spend time to hang out with friends, they want to meet their goals.

Researchers believe that this may have something to do with the way we evolve and the accelerated lifestyle we live. People with high intelligence are better able to adapt to modern life, and are also less attached to the trend of human evolution.

This means they have no need for social interaction.

So do not worry if you feel you do not want or no longer enjoy your time with friends, and prefer to work on your hobby or project. That means you are smarter than the average person.

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